On Your Plate Inc.

We manage IBS holistically.


Why manage IBS holistically?


Dietetics doesn’t cut it

Our CEO, Sophie Ash, originally worked as a Dietitian. Yet, her patients weren’t seeing significant improvements in their IBS symptoms and neither was she. Therefore, Sophie tried another approach to IBS. She worked as a Research Analyst while studying to become a Nutritional Therapist in London, UK.


The missing component

Much as Sophie learned to manage IBS nutritionally, she and her patients were still not seeing results. The same symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, cramping, and extreme fatigue persisted. While seeing a Life Coach and learning some stress management techniques, Sophie was able to fully implement her own dietary knowledge. Finally, she experienced some IBS symptom relief. And, so did her clients!


On Your Plate Inc. was born

Consequently, On Your Plate Inc. doesn’t look at either diet or lifestyle. Rather, our specialist online courses consider nutrition in addition to stress and anxiety to manage IBS holistically. As a result, our students discover the root cause of their IBS and learn how to manage bloating, diarrhea, and flatulence themselves. 


Learn to manage IBS holistically

You probably want to understand our approach to IBS a little better. So, visit our ‘About’ page for more details. Or, get in touch to ask an IBS expert a question.


Our IBS nutrition consultant


An IBS specialist

Seems like it’s too good to be true? Our nutrition consultant, Sophie, is an expert in IBS due to her extensive knowledge and experience. Here are some of her most noteworthy testimonials to back it up. In addition, you can find more evidence of Sophie’s credibility on her LinkedIn profile.

Sonja Seiler
“On Your Plate Inc. is rooted in science. Also, Sophie has the best interests of her clients in mind. Consequently, I’m confident that you’ll be well cared for and see real results.
Sonja SeilerEntrepreneur
David Sistilli
“Sophie gives everyone a personalized experience. Hence, there are no generic templates with her. Therefore, she’ll give you a plan based on your own unique needs.”
David SistilliProject Manager
Dr Joshua Gelber
“On Your Plate Inc.’s program is so thorough. I highly recommend working with Sophie due to her attention to detail. Also, because of her thirst for getting to the source of any issues.”
Dr Joshua GelberAnnex Family Chiropractic
Amanda Parsons
“I’ve been following Sophie’s recommendations for 2 days. Since I started, I’ve already seen a BIG improvement in my mood and productivity. So far, I’m really impressed!”
Amanda ParsonsEntrepreneur
Laura Coster
“Sophie is the most dedicated person I know. Because of this, you can completely trust her to look after you. And, provide you with the best possible care for your IBS.”
Laura CosterRegistered Dietitian
Jeff Good
“Sophie is knowledgeable and passionate about diet and health. Most of all, she’s eager to learn about her clients’ unique needs. And, help them achieve their goals.”
Jeff GoodSenior Vice President, Cresa
Stefanie Fiore
“Sophie is extremely empathic. Because of his, her approach is friendly yet no-nonsense. Sophie is also a joy to be around. So, I highly recommend working with her!”
Stefanie FioreGraphic Designer
Nyothet San
“Sophie tutored me during my Nutrition degree. Moreover, she was able to answer all of my questions. Sophie’s nutrition knowledge is especially relevant in today’s world.”
Nyothet SanNutrition Graduate
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