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Our founder, Sophie Ash, originally worked as a Dietitian in the UK. Just as her patients saw limited improvements in their symptoms, Sophie’s personal struggle with IBS made her realize that medicine doesn’t have all the answers. After working as a Research Analyst to make sure she had exhausted all clinical options to manage her IBS, Sophie studied Nutritional Therapy and began working more holistically with clients.
Although this offered some relief, Sophie struggled with low self-esteem and was unable to implement her Nutritional Therapy knowledge consistently. Sophie worked with a Life Coach and completely transformed her mindset around IBS and life in general. Finally, Sophie was able to carry out Nutritional Therapy self-care practices every day, manage her IBS, and start living life to the full. And, she still is!


We know from experience that dietary changes won’t do any good if you’re stressed or anxious. Likewise, a great mindset won’t help unless you identify the root cause of your IBS. That’s why we created our Integrative Gut Therapy program! It’s the only remote program in Canada that teaches Nutritional Therapy alongside mindset transformation for IBS – the perfect balance of clinical and emotional support.



We've combined the clinical and emotional aspects of IBS into one integrated program.



Alex Davies
“Sophie has worked hard for her nutritional knowledge. She is a very open-minded and empowering individual, doing something that really motivates her!”
Alex DaviesProcess Engineer
Dr Joshua Gelber
“On Your Plate Inc.’s program is thorough and well-researched. I highly recommend working with Sophie for her attention to detail and thirst for getting to the source of any issues.”
Dr Joshua GelberAnnex Family Chiropractic
Sonja Seiler
“On Your Plate Inc.’s approach is rooted in science and heart-centred. This allows for a comprehensive level of care with real results. In Sophie’s hands, you are truly cared for.”
Sonja SeilerEntrepreneur
David Sistilli
“Sophie gives everyone a personalized experience. There are no generic templates with her. She’ll give you a plan that’s based on your own needs, background, and more.”
David SistilliProject Manager
Laura Coster
“Sophie is the most dedicated and driven person I know. You can completely trust her to look after you and provide you with the best evidence-based care you need.”
Laura CosterRegistered Dietitian
Jeff Good
“Sophie is knowledgeable, passionate, and informed about health and diet. She is eager to learn about her clients’ unique needs and help them achieve their goals.”
Jeff GoodSenior Vice President, Cresa
Stefanie Fiore
“Sophie is extremely empathic. She has a friendly, no-nonsense approach, which puts others at ease. Sophie is a joy to be around. I highly recommend working with her!”
Stefanie FioreGraphic Designer
Nyothet San
“I met Sophie as a tutor for my nutrition degree. Sophie is very knowledgeable in the subject area and was able to give me good advice for all the questions I had.”
Nyothet SanNutrition Graduate

We do IBS differently.

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